John Morrison, Montana State Auditor
Commissioner of Insurance and Securities

John Morrison

Morrison initiative sites

Official State Auditor Site

Insure Montana (one of many)

New Ballot initiative I-155

Our Vote; Yes on Healthy Kids, Great Falls Tribune - 10/31/2008

Consider your Tuesday Election Choices Carefully - Billings Gazette - 10/31/2008

I-155 to Face Hurdles if Passed - Mike Dennison, Missoulian - 10/30/2008

Expansion of CHIP Expected to Pass - Mike Dennison, Missoulian - 10/26/2008

I-155, Full Effect Won't be Felt for 2-3 Years - Mike Dennison, Independent Record -10/29/2008

Who is Supporting CHIP Initiative and Why? - Mike Dennison, Indpendent Record - 10/29/2008

I-155 Good for Everyone, Especially Kids, Independent Record - 10/21/2008

I-155 Qualifies for Ballot - 06/18/2008

Women's Groups Help to Qualify I-155 - 06/26/2008

Big Donors Backing I-155 - 06/18/2008

Chip Expansion Measure on a Roll - 06/19/2008

Pat Davison case

Forest Fires

DLC articles

You tube video of congresssional testimony and statement

Our documentary film


Some cites to climate change op/ed

Other recent op/eds

Our book Mavericks (few of many pages worth)

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