John Morrison

State Auditor
Commissioner of Insurance and Securities


Morrison proposed, designed and implemented Insure Montana, a small business health care program that used tax credits and pooling to cover more than 10,000 workers and their family members. (Great Falls Tribune 3/11/05, article on business page and editorial); (Missoulian 12/21/05. His proposal-passed in 2005 and funded by a special tobacco tax- also included funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and a prescription drug program. (Missoulian 1/6/03; Great Falls Tribune 1/28/03) He also created a premium assistance program for Montana’s high risk health insurance plan that covered the chronically ill, and successfully rehabiltated a Montana Health Insurer. (Interlake 9/8/02).

John Morrison authored I-155 and chaired the Healthy Montana Kids Campaign. I-155 passed in 2008 with 70 percent of the popular vote and created the Healthy Montana Kids Plan. HMK has since covered an additional 50,000 children who were previously uninsured (without raising taxes). :

Commissioner Morrison banned discretionary clauses in group health and disability insurance policies in Montana and, through NAIC, led creation of a model law banning the clauses. It has now been adopted in at least 20 states, including California, New York, Illinois, Michigan and Texas, restoring to tens of millions of Americans the right to fair claim handling. Morrison's ban has been upheld in both state and courts, including the U.S. Court of Appeals. Standard v. Morrison, 584 F3d 837(9th Cir. 2009). Read More...

Morrison wrote and secured passage of sweeping new privacy laws restricting unauthorized use of personal medical and financial information and credit scores. (Billings Gazette 5/8/01 (privacy)); (Great Falls Tribune. 1/29/05 (credit scoring)).

Morrison introduced and led passage of the Montana Captive Insurance Act and helped launch the niche industry that has brought Montana some 200 new domestic insurers and over $1.7 million in annual tax revenue. (Billings Gazette 3/2/02.) Hundreds of U.S. business leaders now visit Montana each year to hold captive insurance meetings.

As securities commissioner, Morrison and his staff prosecuted the largest insurance and securities cases in the state’s history, recovering millions for victims and helping to put corrupt agents and brokers in prison. (Montana Standard 10/31/03 (O'Neill); Billings Gazette 12/21/06 (Davison)).   In order to inform and protect citizens from investment scams, Morrison produced an award winning documentary film narrated by Oscar winner J.K. Simmons, “Fraud Under the Big Sky.” (Missoulian 9/18/07).

As a member of Montana’s Board of Land Commissioners, Morrison led creation of the State Land Bank that has acquired tens of thousands of acres of land for the state school trust, making it accessible to the public for recreation. while increasing revenue to the school trust beneficiaries. (Billings Gazette, 8/26/01)(Land Banking Report, 2016,

Through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Morrison led creation of an internet portal for insurance consumers ( , chaired the committee that kept terrorism coverage in place after September 11 (Tribune 9/8/02; Interlake 1/31/02), led a national crackdown on fake health insurance and medical discount schemes (Consumer Reports July 03, June 06), and served as NAIC Vice-Chair to Asia, opening relations between U.S. and Chinese insurance regulators.

Morrison has written numerous articles and op/eds, including "The Climate Change Peril that Insurers See," Washington Post 9/27/07. and “CO-OP Movement Far From Dead,” Politico, April 2013.

His work has been covered in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Politico, Consumer Reports, Money, Best Review, Good Morning America, CNN and other national and regional publications.

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